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Deicing and Ice Prevention Keeps Your Parking Lots Usable in Greenfield

Proactive vs. reactive: Which would you select?


If the goal is preventing snow and ice accumulation on Greenfield commercial parking lots and driveways, the answer is clear. When ice forms or snow hardens, removal can become very, very problematic.


Taking steps to keep paved areas as clean as possible is logical … which is why Dorshak Snow Services offers commercial deicing and ice prevention services in Greenfield!


By applying liquified Turbo Brine solution – the top deicer on the market - to your Greenfield parking lots and driveways prior to snowfall, Dorshak Snow Services can prevent accumulation of concrete-like ice and snowpack.


Turbo Brine forms a barrier between pavement and precipitation. Moisture can’t freeze to asphalt or concrete. Newly-fallen snow is plowed off cleanly, leaving pavement that’s far safer than with typical snow-management practices.


After plowing, Dorshak Snow Services can apply Turbo Melt, the premier anti-icing product available. Melting ice and snow to minus-30 degrees, it’s much more effective than traditional rock salt, and safe for plants and animals.


Applying Turbo Brine before snow, followed by Turbo Melt afterward, means your Greenfield parking lot won’t end up a slippery ice rink. Everyone, whether walking or driving, will be appreciative.


Contact Dorshak Snow Services for a complimentary deicing and ice prevention quote. This winter, prepare for snow beforehand, rather than after the fact. You won’t regret the move. Proactive tops reactive every time.



Deicing & Ice Prevention for Commercial Parking Lots near Greenfield, WI